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Kloxo, secundary domain name server solution

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Secondary DNS
The previous tutorial described a DNS server on the same machine as the web server using a single IP address. That works just fine if all you are doing is hosting simple websites. In that case, a good argument can be made that if the web server goes down for some reason (along with the DNS server, most likely), that a secondary DNS server can’t help visitors get to your website because the web server is down anyway. And all of that is true.
Where it makes a difference is when you have clients who are counting on email that is handled by your server. So if you have a business that is hosting its email with you and both your server and DNS are down, mail will be immediately returned to senders as a bad email domain. That’s obviously not good for business. But if you had a secondary DNS server running someplace the sender’s email server will hold the email message until your email server comes …

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