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Change Windows SBS default message size

To change the default message size that Windows SBS 2008 server can recevie or send paste this in the  Exchange Management Shell. ( Change "SERVIDOR" to our server name).

Get-ReceiveConnector | select identity,maxmessagesize

Set-ReceiveConnector "SERVIDOR\Default SERVIDOR" -maxmessagesize 150MB
Set-ReceiveConnector "SERVIDOR\Windows SBS Fax Sharepoint Receive SERVIDOR" -maxmessagesize 150MB
Set-ReceiveConnector "SERVIDOR\Windows SBS Internet Receive SERVIDOR" -maxmessagesize 150MB

Get-SendConnector | select identity,maxmessagesize
Set-SendConnector "Windows SBS Internet Send SERVIDOR" -maxmessagesize 150MB

Exchange 2003 mailbox storage recovery

Just do in the database directory

c:\programas\exchsrvr\eseutil.exe /mh priv.edb check the state line
If says State: Dirty Shutdown do a

c:\programas\exchsrvr\eseutil.exe /r E00 and wait Try do mount the database, if still doenst mount do again a

c:\programas\exchsrvr\eseutil.exe /mh priv.edb and see the state, if the state check the Bad Check Sum Error Count, if is found do:
c:\programas\exchsrvr\eseutil.exe /p  priv.edb

Just follow:

Backup copy:
How to recover the information store on Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003 in a single site
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Creating shared mailboxes in Exchange with powershell

New-Mailbox -Name:'sharedmailbox' -OrganizationalUnit:'domain.local/Exchange Resources' -Database:'Mailbox Database' -UserPrincipalName:'sharedmailbox@domain.local' -Shared Add-MailboxPermission sharedmailbox -User:'GrupoAcessosharedmailbox' -AccessRights:FullAccess Add-ADPermission sharedmailbox -User:'GrupoAcessosharedmailbox' -ExtendedRights:Send-As -AccessRights:ReadProperty, WriteProperty -Properties:'Personal Information'